The heart and sole of Shaolin, NY.

Welcome to a fresh, new concept school and event space in iconic Shaolin, NYC. NRS CustomX specializes in sneaker customization, 1-of-1 custom designs and the education of the artisanal sneaker building process.

Robert Gullery and Marc Scepi founded NRS CustomX and NRS Academy at the beginning of 2023. Having realized their mutual obsession with sneakers and automotive customization, they decided to partner and build a community-driven, creative academy designed to elevate artists and creatives. We aim to embolden our artists to take their careers to the next level and give them the tools to do so.

These two humble legends share over 40 years of experience in their fields of expertise. Marc Scepi has held executive positions with Shoe Surgeon, heading up SRGN ACADEMY, has been a lead designer for New Balance, Design Manager for TEVA & SAUCONY and currently holds the position of VP of Design for Greats.

Rob Gullery is the chief disruptor of automotive styling on the East Coast. Founder and owner of Wheel Concepts and Wil-John's Tire Empire, Rob has been restyling vehicles and creating a lasting impression on the car game for over 40 years. The Never Ride Stock brand and lifestyle, officially launched in 2019, is a love letter to the cars, kicks and culture communities through unbridled creativity.

NRS Academy has completed its transformation into a sneaker customization lab and a one-stop shop for sneaker customs, paint and supplies for both surface customizers and makers.

The new studio Experience combines sneaker art, hip-hop, a basketball court, brand new sneaker-making machinery, a state-of-the-art sound system and some of the finest 1-of-1 sneaker customs from around the world.

NRS CustomX studio is a must-see beacon in Shaolin, NYC. This is a cultural experience for sneaker-heads, artist and makers. Experience the phenomenal talent of the sneaker artisans in our global collective by visiting our Bespoke gallery through the link below.